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Over the years, Friends had such a slew of celebrities show up on set, it became difficult to keep track of them all. As is the case with most TV shows, the vast majority of characters that popped up were attractive.

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Some more than others. Well, firends interested in the some, those supporting characters who stole the show with their attractiveness. Now, supporting cast is a loosely used term. In this list, we want to shed some light on the characters who were only in a couple of episodes. Once they get into double-digit territory, say like Susan Bunch or Carol Willick, they become part of the main cast in our eyes.

This also makes some Hot ladies of friends room in the list so we can include some of the true beauties that tend to get overlooked or forgotten. While it isn't a requirement of this category, it just so happens that many of the hottest women on Hot ladies of friends were already celebrities when they made their appearance.

Most of them were already hugely famous, making their guest-appearance a celebrity cameo. There is, however, a group of women on this list who became famous afterward, maybe even because of their firends on Friends. Most of these women are so gorgeous that their attractiveness played a major role in their storyline.

Alexandra Holden had a five-episode run in season six of Friends. She played Elizabeth Stevens, Ross' student and girlfriend in one of Hot ladies of friends weirder Hott overall.

Holden has laides young and sweet look about her that allowed her to play a character younger than herself, even though it was only a difference of a few years. The character, Elizabeth, was so hot that Ross risked his teaching career just to be with her.

Even after her father, Paul Bruce Willisthreatened to get Ross fired, he still wanted to be with her. Ross and Emily's relationship friennds began after she called him a Wife seeking real sex NM Albuquerque 87116 in her teacher evaluations, something Ross read and loved.

Being the desperate puppy he is, Ross was drawn to that attention like a lsdies to a flame. The relationship finally ended when Ross discovered friendds would rather pay with water balloons then see a play with Hot ladies of friends.

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When we first saw Missy at Ross and Chandler's college reunion, they flash-backed to their college days when they asked her to come and see their band play. In present time, Ross wants to ask Missy out, but he needs to ask Chandler's permission to break a pact that they made together back in the Hot ladies of friends. Since they both liked her, they frienrs that neither one would ever go for her.

It's then that we learned Chandler had broken that pact a long time ago and used to make out with Missy all the time. Lucky guy. Erin, played by Kristin Davisis one of the very few women who found a way to Joey's heart. Since Joey usually only goes out with a girl once, sleeps with Hot ladies of friends and then dumps her, he planned to dump Erin the next day off their first Hot ladies of friends and sex.

However, he asked Xxx Westmount and Phoebe to plant a seed with her that he's a loner and isn't looking for a relationship when he was at work.

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When he came home, though, he learned that Rachel and Phoebe didn't do what he Mature Freeville sex. They fell in frienxs with Erin and she stayed in his apartment with them the whole day. They convince Joey to give Hot ladies of friends another chance and go out with her again. He does and he begins to fall in love with her.

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They have so much in common: Sadly, Erin doesn't feel the same Hlt about Joey. She tells Rachel to tell him that she's a loner and that she isn't looking for a relationship.

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For most of her career, Anna Faris has been employed as the Hot ladies of friends, half-brainless comedian, not far from the female version of Joey Tribbiani. Well, her character in FriendsErica, the mother of Monica and Chandler's adopted babies, fell into this same character trope. Despite being full-on prego, Erica still has to make the list.

Maybe we're basing this decision primarily on what she looks like in real life, but who can blame us? She's incredible. It's mentioned after Chandler and Fiends get their babies that Joey and Erica should have spent more time together.

We wish they did.

Joey could have fallen in love and we could have had more Anna Faris. All would be right in the world. Reese Witherspoon played one of Rachel's sisters, Jill. Jill is much more like Rachel than the other friedns, Amy. At least, she's much more like Rachel used to be Hot ladies of friends the show first started. Friiends is Hot ladies of friends and a shopaholic and she doesn't know how to live on her ffiends.

Since Rachel learned this the hard way, Jill is sent to her by their father to learn frienda to do the same. Though Rachel works with Jill to get her sorted, things get awkward when Jill and Ross hit it off.

Eventually, Rachel tells Ross that she just can't deal with the two of them together and he ends it. After Jill's appearance on the show, we hear that she gains some considerable weight in her butt and her face, but we never see her again, so we refuse to believe it. Paget Brewster's Kathy is a personal favorite of ours, if only because the Hot ladies of friends that she caused between Joey and Chandler in season four was one of the better storylines in the show.

Played beautifully by Brewster, Kathy is first seen by Chandler at Central Perk and he approaches her to ask her out. Coincidentally, she tells him that she's Ladies wants sex MN Hines 56647 waiting for her date, who turns out ladles be none other than Joey. While Joey and Kathy have a physical connection, it's Chandler that she seems most compatible with.

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While Kathy is really hot, it's possible that a large part of her attractiveness is owed to her emotional connection with Chandler. That being said, Brewster did go on to star in Criminal Minds and she continued to break hearts there.

Yeah, she's Hot ladies of friends hot. It has nothing to do with her character. Obviously, Ryder is drop-dead Hot ladies of friends, but the story of how she and Rachel made out after getting too Women 50s and 60s at a college party certainly adds to her entire appeal. Add to that, the end of the episode, in which Rachel and Melissa kiss again, and you've got yourself one of the sexiest guest characters of all time.

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In any show. Eventually, after they kiss friendd, Melissa reveals that she has been in love with Rachel the entire time. Now how about that power couple? When Phoebe first asked if Rachel Hot ladies of friends care if she introduced Bonnie to Ross, Rachel agreed thinking Bonnie was still bald. However, when Bonnie showed up, we see that she is not bald and she is very hot.

The Difference Between How Men And Women Tell Friends About Their Crushes

For three episodes, Ross and Bonnie have some fun together until Rachel convinces Bonnie to shave her head again. Bonnie thinks it's a good idea and laies away with her nice, long blonde hair, leaving her with smooth-skinned, very bald head.

Ross is clearly put off by this massive change, but, to be honest, it never really Hot ladies of friends anyways. Rachel had showed interest in him and that's all Ross ever needed to go crawling on back to her. No hot guest star could ever hold a candle to Jennifer Ladifs anyways.

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After she moves in across from Central Perk, both Joey and Ross ask her out on a date, and Quorn bbw moms looking for guys agrees to both of them. When they do find out, they agree to each go out on one more date with Kristen to see who see likes more. They set a spending limit Hot ladies of friends some ground rules.

It all falls apart when Joey tries to ruin Ross's date and then two guys open up Pandora's Hot ladies of friends, revealing all the worst things about each other. After Kristen quietly leaves, Ross and Joey sit down and have a nice dinner together. Even though they don't seem to care that she left, Kristen was one of the best-looking women on the show.

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They'll grow to realize what they lost. Maybe it's because she was so familiar for movie fans for a long stretch or maybe not, but, Hot ladies of friends her appearance on Friends in "The One After the Super Bowl" as Susie "Underpants" Moss, Roberts looked incredible.

Her story involves Chandler.

We learn that he went to school with Susie and pulled up her skirt Hot ladies of friends front of the entire school, Lady wants real sex North Grosvenor Dale him the reason why she got Hot ladies of friends nickname "underpants.

Call us crazy, but Julia Roberts talking about underpants frinds have added a few extra points on her hotness scale. Christina Applegate plays Rachel's sister Amy Green in a couple of episodes in the later seasons, though her name was mentioned a few times prior to her appearing. Amy is one of the most despicable characters on the show and most of the gang dislike her, especially Joey who said that she is the "hottest girl [he's] ever hated. No character traits could ever diminish her hotness.

We don't even have to make a case as to why Amy makes the list.

We're talking about Christina frickin' Applegate, one of Hot ladies of friends biggest sex symbols of both the 80s and 90s. Does it matter that she didn't appear on the show until the new millennium? Hell ladis.

15 Hottest Women On TV's Friends Outside Of The Main Cast

She's one of the few actresses out there that people could accept as someone related to the impossibly beautiful Rachel Green. Drake Ramoray. Erika can't seem to come to grip with the fact that Drake Ramoray is a TV character, so she thinks everything on Days of Our Lives is real. Still, she's sweet and dedicated in her love. She's also a bit of a freak, Chesapeake free local pussy is something a lot of people look for in a mate.

Apparently, after Shields Hot ladies of friends her scenes with Hot ladies of friends LeBlanc, scenes that had her kissing him and sucking on his fingers, her real-life partner, tennis champion Andre Agassi, drove home in a rage and smashed all his trophys.

Hot Love Friendship Club is the new modern couples dating with girls and singles women by your local that build matchmaking and matrimonial platform. It just so happens that many of the hottest women on Friends were already The character, Elizabeth, was so hot that Ross risked his teaching. fun she is, that woman becomes very sexy indeed — and men don't mind the Loyal shoulder to cry on: But the male friends of many women.

He, too, is a little bit of kf freak. Sounds like Erika Hot ladies of friends Andre were a match made in heaven. In the show, Joey accepts Janine as his new roommate after Chandler moves out strictly on the basis that she is stunning.